Yesterday we got six flights in, all except Adam and Bradley (FGA) now in the field. We put up three pyramid Scott tents, and the all-important toilet tent. The toilet tent contains the poo bucket, otherwise the facility is a flag outdoors so that all peeing is kept to one location, remembering all drinking water is from melted snow! Bryn and Al shared a two-man tent, Heidi, Dave and I were in a three-man as it is BAS policy (and safer) that no-one sleeps on their own. We had a good night although it was quite cold to start with when we first extinguished the stove and Tilly lamp.

Bryn demonstrates the appropriate use of the poo bucket

Today is a no-fly day in Rothera, and the weather is too poor to land here anyway. By poor I mean light snow, 10 knot winds (guess), 8/8 low cloud, poor visibility and zero contrast. Bryn and Dave have made a good start on melting water for the first hot water drilled borehole. We don’t have the radar kit here yet so Al, Heidi and myself put up a large “clam” tent which will be the science and communal tent. We’ll be able to do some of our cooking in there.

Here is a list of some food in the “man-food” boxes, so-called because they’re not dog food:

Packing the man-food boxes in 2014
  • Various freeze-dried meals such as chilli con carne, pasta, curry and rice etc.
  • Instant muesli and porridge
  • Tea, coffee, powdered milk, hot chocolate powder, powdered fruit drinks
  • Tinned fish, cheese, margarine and spam
  • Powdered soups
  • Dried potato and onion
  • Marmite
  • Boil in bag rice, spaghetti
  • Dried fruit and nuts
  • Tubes of peanut butter and jam
  • Biscuits brown, dark chocolate, Yorkie bars, sweet biscuits, muesli bars
  • Powdered sauces
  • Sugar cubes, salt, pepper

To send this blog I will have to connect the laptop to a satellite phone so hopefully I will be able to do that later tonight.

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