Finally we are all ready to leave and the weather is playing ball. Bryn and Al (the field general assistant) have just taken off in the first Twin Otter flight out to the Larsen C ice shelf. The weather needs to be especially good for the first landing, with good enough visibility and contrast for the pilot to find a safe place to land. Once we have one party on the ground they can mark out a ski-way for landing and make weather observations from the ground.

One of the MIDAS Twin Otter flights leaving Rothera

The second aircraft, with just the pilot and co-pilot and a load of equipment, has also taken off. The flight to our field site will take about two hours; the aircraft will come straight back and hopefully load up for another two input flights, one of which will be taking either Heïdi or myself out. We will then need a further three flights before everyone is in (as well as all of the kit!). Adam is staying on base for a few more days to receive and test some radar equipment, before joining us as soon as he can.

Bryn and Heïdi boarding the Twin Otter, bound for Larsen C

So, I’d better make sure my field kit bag and P-bag are ready to go, and make my packed lunch – not just another day at the office!

Update, by Adam: As of 20:00, 80% of MIDAS crew and equipment are on the Larsen C!! Amazing day of logistics, BAS Air Unit is legendary. Dave, Bryn, Heïdi, Al and Suzanne: best of luck for your first night out!

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