Day 5 in the field and we are making progress, although the weather is slowing us down. It has been very windy: 25 knots last night with temperatures down to -25°C. In bed I have been wearing full long thermals, fleece trousers and top, a down jacket, two pairs of socks and a woolly hat. That’s before getting into a very thick down sleeping bag. A drinking bottle filled with boiling water makes a good hot water bottle.

Three thousand litres of drilling water

After getting three thousand litres of water melted to drill the borehole, the game now is keeping it melted until the weather is fine enough to drill without the water refreezing in the hoses. We did a few hundred meters of radar survey on foot, with the radar mounted on a child’s plastic sledge, but will probably have to wait for more kit to get here before doing the larger surveys with the skidoos. Hopefully, the extra bits of equipment will arrive tomorrow with Adam on the last Twin Otter flight to this site.

The camp is looking well established now with three Scott tents and a ‘science’ clam tent. Al has cooked us up some nice lunches of soup in the clam tent so we could all eat together. In the evening we have normally retired to our own tents for supper. We put up some solar panels on aluminium poles to charge all the batteries, but the wind was so strong last night we had to take them all down again! We will try again later today.

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