Life has been very hectic since my last blog ten days ago and we are now all back at Rothera. We got held up by high winds and snow at site E for a further five days before eventually making the last long haul to D to join our science kit.

The first flight coming in to pick up the MIDAS field team.

Site D certainly was a Whirlwind because as soon as we arrived we were hearing of base plans to uplift us before weather closed in again. So we spent two days cramming us much science in as possible and managed to do all the planned radar lines (great work and long hours by Adam and Al), and a seismic survey, and drill and log a borehole. Heidi and Brad left the field on Monday so I moved into new digs with Adam and Dave for the night, then the rest of us and all our kit got out in three flights on Tuesday. Another amazing day of flying by the air unit, trying to take off with huge three-thousand-pound loads in very soft snow meant very long take-offs.

It was fantastic feeling to shower for the first time in six weeks and to put on clean clothes, but the whirlwind didn’t end with being back on base. Excitingly it seems that we will be leaving Rothera tomorrow rather than December 20th as originally planned. An extra Dash flight north to Punta Arenas means that, weather gods permitting, we will be home on Sunday. Before then we have had to dry, repack, and label all our boxes for shipping or airfreighting home. I’m looking forward to being home and back with family but will never forget my time in the Antarctic. It is a stunning and inspiring place and it has been a privilege to be here with an amazing crowd of people including our science team and every one of the BAS base team.

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