A week since my last entry and Camp E is now wrapped up. It has been a very busy week with radaring, seismic’ing and drilling all completed successfully. Seismic surveys were done on site as well as at two other locations, 15 and 25 km away. The resupply flight brought all we were hoping for and more, including some fresh fruit and vegetables and nine kilos of raisins! Christmas came early to the Larsen C and of course we have the snow; it was nice to see some different faces. If the visitors thought we were in need up freshening up a little they hid it well but we were left with some empty biscuit boxes to wash in.

Team MIDAS enjoying a break from skidoo travel, during the 2014 field campaign.

Yesterday Al, Bryn and I took the science kit on to the next camp (D), seventy kilometers closer to the mountains. The site is really beautiful and hopefully not called Whirlwind Inlet for any good reason. The trip out was slow because of the loads we were towing but we could speed back which was good fun. The weather is much warmer now, mostly around or above a maximum of zero degrees Celsius. The warmth helps the radar batteries last longer but unfortunately makes the skidoos overheat when they are towing heavy loads. The overheating has caused some of the plastic casing around the ‘doo engines to melt and we have to stop occasionally to allow them to cool down. What with the sun and the heat from the ‘doos, keeping cool rather than warm was more of a problem when driving yesterday.

Today we have been stuck in camp, unable to make the final move, because the wind has picked up. One of the ‘doos is in need of repair work and might struggle to make the journey to the next camp if it has too much to tow, so we will need to make the move in two hauls but without ever leaving anyone alone at either site. Think of the riddle with the boatman ferrying the fox, chicken and corn across the river, but substitute GAs, beakers and chocolate. The GA nickname for scientists is “beakers”, apparently stemming from the plastic beakers that they supply us to drink from.

Tonight we wait for the weather forecast on the sched at 9 pm—hopefully we will be on the move tomorrow to our last site.

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