We are coming to the end of the work at the first camp and next need to move a hundred kilometers downflow towards the edge of the ice shelf. The move will be a major logistics exercise: tents to take down, equipment to pack and a very long day’s travel, seven people on four skidoos with lots of sledges behind. For this we need very good weather and the forecast tomorrow is for 45 knot winds!

The MIDAS team moving camp by skidoo in 2014

Today we are doing some final radar work prior to packing up and hunkering down before the storm tomorrow, when we will have to stay put in the tents as high winds mean blowing snow and poor visibility.

Using the sat-phone to send emails has proven to be a slow and frustrating process so apologies for the infrequency and lateness of blogs. Sorry also to all our friends and relatives who might be waiting for emails. Rest assured we are all fit and well and taking good care of each other.

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