Adam arrived in camp yesterday with the rest of the kit, so now we are the Magnificent Seven. It was a lonely feeling waving goodbye to the little red Twin Otter, knowing it would be another two weeks or so before seeing it again.

The weather has been particularly bitter, with low temperatures and winds, but today things have improved and it is possible to take gloves off outside for more than two seconds without suffering. I tore my down jacket sleeve so now have a patch and look like a seasoned fieldworker.

The radar equipment is towed behind a skidoo on a tiny sledge.

Heidi has set off today to make the first radar survey of the flowline back to Camp Alpha where we were working last year. Bradley (the FGA) goes in front on a skidoo, with Heidi roped about fifty meters behind on a second skidoo, and the radar equipment on a little blue sledge behind her. They will have to travel a distance of twenty-two kilometers at a slow ten kilometers per hour in order to give the radar time to collect profiles every few meters down through the ice, which is around four hundred and fifty meters thick here.

The sun here is very strong because the ozone is at its thinnest at this time of year. We are using factor fifty suncream every few hours but still getting a little bit burnt. We are gradually sampling and experimenting with the man food; a couple of nights ago we had spam Bolognese and spaghetti, with tinned cheese in lieu of parmesan. It tasted nice here but maybe not a dish to try out at your next dinner party!

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