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  • Sunburn and spam

    Adam arrived in camp yesterday with the rest of the kit, so now we are the Magnificent Seven. It was a lonely feeling waving goodbye to the little red Twin Otter, knowing it would be another two weeks or so before seeing it again.

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  • Keeping warm

    Day 5 in the field and we are making progress, although the weather is slowing us down. It has been very windy: 25 knots last night with temperatures down to -25°C. In bed I have been wearing full long thermals, fleece trousers and top, a down jacket, two pairs of socks and a woolly hat. That’s before getting into a very thick down sleeping bag. A drinking bottle filled with boiling water makes a good hot water bottle.

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  • First night in the field

    Yesterday we got six flights in, all except Adam and Bradley (FGA) now in the field. We put up three pyramid Scott tents, and the all-important toilet tent. The toilet tent contains the poo bucket, otherwise the facility is a flag outdoors so that all peeing is kept to one location, remembering all drinking water is from melted snow! Bryn and Al shared a two-man tent, Heidi, Dave and I were in a three-man as it is BAS policy (and safer) that no-one sleeps on their own. We had a good night although it was quite cold to start with when we first extinguished the stove and Tilly lamp.

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  • Into the field!

    Finally we are all ready to leave and the weather is playing ball. Bryn and Al (the field general assistant) have just taken off in the first Twin Otter flight out to the Larsen C ice shelf. The weather needs to be especially good for the first landing, with good enough visibility and contrast for the pilot to find a safe place to land. Once we have one party on the ground they can mark out a ski-way for landing and make weather observations from the ground.

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  • Tent training

    A few days have gone by since we arrived in Rothera and I’m settling into the routine of life down here. One thing that is immediately apparent is how dramatically changeable the weather is – yesterday we woke up in a howling gale, but the clouds seem to disperse almost instantly around 1pm leaving a glorious evening and perfectly clear skies. However, it’s just above freezing today; low grey cloud actually hangs in the air and it’s actually sleeting! Patches of snow have turned into slush, and it’s actually these warmer spells that constitute “miserable weather” in Rothera.

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