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  • Tent training

    A few days have gone by since we arrived in Rothera and I’m settling into the routine of life down here. One thing that is immediately apparent is how dramatically changeable the weather is – yesterday we woke up in a howling gale, but the clouds seem to disperse almost instantly around 1pm leaving a glorious evening and perfectly clear skies. However, it’s just above freezing today; low grey cloud actually hangs in the air and it’s actually sleeting! Patches of snow have turned into slush, and it’s actually these warmer spells that constitute “miserable weather” in Rothera.

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  • Getting to Antarctica

    The first challenge in Antarctic fieldwork is simply getting there. Although things have become a lot easier since the early days of Antarctic exploration, travel in and around Antarctica is still a tricky business. Read on to learn how the MIDAS team will be getting from the UK to their field sites on Larsen C this year.

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  • Welcome to Project MIDAS

    Welcome to the brand new website for Project MIDAS, a UK-based Antarctic research project, aimed at understanding the effects of increased melting on the Larsen C ice shelf, West Antarctica.

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