12 Top Patio Heater Brands (it’s time to stop freezing outdoors)

Last year we decided enough was enough with freezing on our patio in Spring and Fall so we decided to invest in two patio heaters. We spent time researching our options. Our research included figuring out the top patio heater brands. Here they are.

A great patio heater means that the night doesn’t need to end just because of the temperature drops. Patio heaters are a popular choice for restaurants, bars, workspaces, and homes to allow the outdoor space to remain heated, even when the weather isn’t cooperating. Patio heaters are designed to heat up a large space quickly and need fuel, such as propane or gas, or a heating element to convert electricity into heat. There are different types of patio heaters. Freestanding patio heaters are popular in restaurants and patio areas and are great for those spaces that want heating but don’t have any tables. Wall-mounted heaters are great to keep the heater out of the way and safe. Tabletop heaters are ones that stand on the tabletop and you get 360-degree heat from the heater so that everyone feels the warmth.

1. Lava Heat

Lava Heat Italia is one of the most reputable brands for outdoor propane and gas heaters. It is known for the iconic Flame Tower Heaters and has a wide selection to choose from. The LHI Utility collection offers top-quality heaters at accessible price points. The Color-Pop collection features the company’s iconic heaters with a pop of color. You can choose blues, reds, greys, neutrals, and other colors from the color chart. There are over 44 colors available. The heaters already blend into the surrounding décor but now can be a part of the décor with different colors of your choosing.

This new series features upgraded hardware, as well as new eco-friendly heating options. The 8-foot tower is engineered with an upgraded aluminum and steel base. The signature column of flame distributes the heat to cover approximately 24 square feet for up to 12 hours. The flame is protected from the elements with a four-foot glass tube. The switch auto shutoff makes it simple and safe to use.

2. Bromic

Bromic Tungsten Smart Heat Portable


Bromic, an Australian company, has outdoor heaters that are recognized all around the world for superior performance and design. Heaters are available in two distinct ranges. There are the Platinum Smart-Heat gas and electric heaters, as well as Tungsten Smart-Heat electric, gas, and portable propane heaters. Every Bromic product is engineered and designed in-house to ensure the highest performance and quality. Heaters are constructed from premium materials in order to create world-leading outdoor heaters that have a balance of beauty, reliability, and performance. The team of engineers is made up of recognized experts in their respective fields.

The engineering and testing processes are created so that all products not only meet but also usually exceed local and international standards. The Platinum Smart-Heat series was designed to meet the needs of style-centric premium settings. Engineered for low clearance and enclosed environments, the series also helps to minimize light emissions to make sure it blends into the surroundings. The Tungsten Smart-Heat series delivers high-performance heating in both outdoor and semi-enclosed spaces, providing a wall of heat to maximize comfort. The portable heaters create comfort over an area that triples the size of other portable heaters.