Homemade Body Wraps To DIY Your Weight Loss

Body wraps have been around for many centuries, dating back to the ancient cultures of Egypt, Greece and Rome. Over the last 30 years or so, with the increase of science research in the cosmetic industry, body wraps have become increasingly popular as a spa treatment.

Body wraps are both a cosmetic and therapeutic treatment that can detoxify and heal your body, remove excess fat or fluid from tissues, reduce pain in the joints, and tighten, tone, nourish and soften the skin as well.

Many people may shy away from the idea, or expense even, of a salon wrap and try a wrap treatment at home. There are many kits available which allow you to perform your own body wrap but it’s often just as easy to make a homemade body wrap using easily available natural ingredients.

Let’s Wrap

When you first mention the idea of a body wrap to most people, they instantly think of upmarket spas with young professional beauticians who pamper your body as well as wrap it. Some people may feel uneasy with the idea of a stranger wrapping their entire body up, it can certainly be easier when done at home, or even fun with the help of a willing partner! Body wraps certainly aren’t cheap either when performed at a salon or spa, with the average cost of a treatment being over $100.

Flicking through the pages of any celeb gossip magazine like Cosmopolitan or Marie Claire you’ll find photos of celebs like Melanie Griffiths, Paula Abdul or Nadia Bjorlin claiming their glamorous bodies are down to wrapping themselves in organic pastes. A body wrap can be good for your body in many different ways whether you want to reduce cellulite, lose body weight or soothe sore muscles, you could even just use a body wrap as part of your detox routine.

Here’s the good news, you can perform a body wrap in the privacy of your own home which can relax, tone and remove the toxins from your body in exactly the same way a spa treatment does. Although many retailers sell pre-made body wrap kits, the ingredients for a natural body wrap are probably already in your cupboards, and if not they’re pretty easy to find.

Let’s take a more detailed look at what makes up a body wrap and how it’s designed to work (the science bit!). We’ll even recommend a few organic recipes you can make up for that homemade body wrap treatment in your own home.

What Is a Body Wrap?

A body wrap basically consists of a plastic or linen sheet wrapped around your body or specific areas of your body on top of herbal or natural ingredients. Without moving an inch, the body wrap helps your body sweat which can flush toxins from your system and reduce inches from your wrapped body. A wrap essentially works in the same way as a sauna but is argued to be more effective, with substantial results in weight and size over a shorter period of time.

Whether you have your wrap at home or in a salon/spa, it usually involves some type of skin exfoliation first to prepare the skin, followed by the application of a specific mixture or paste you choose. After the poultice is applied, the body is wrapped, normally in a plastic blanket or sheet, plastic wrap is usually used in home treatments, which promotes sweating, blood circulation and the regeneration of the skin.

If you’re a busy professional or a working mom you may feel lazy and be tempted to buy a pre-made kit. You simply apply the kit to your body and then sit or lie and sweat it out. But before you give into the lure of a store bought kit be aware that they may contain synthetic ingredients, often tend to have harsh side effects and the results rarely match those of a natural or organic homemade body wrap.

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